IconArchive.com - New Icons Over 215,000 great icons for Win, Mac and Linux IconArchive.com http://www.iconarchive.com IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Yosemite iWork by Atopsy ]]> /show/iwork-icons-by-atopsy.html Author: Atopsy
Number of icons: 3 icons
Yosemite iWork Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Classic American Cars by Caleb Amesbury ]]> /show/classic-american-cars-icons-by-calebamesbury.html Author: Caleb Amesbury
Number of icons: 4 icons
Classic American Cars Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Playstation Flat by Daniele De Santis ]]> /show/playstation-flat-icons-by-danieledesantis.html Author: Daniele De Santis
Number of icons: 12 icons
Playstation Flat Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Line by IconsMind ]]> /show/outline-icons-by-iconsmind.html Author: IconsMind
Number of icons: 2,053 icons
Line Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Halloween Cat by Iconka.com ]]> /show/cat-halloween-icons-by-iconka.html Author: Iconka.com
Number of icons: 6 icons
Halloween Cat Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Halloween by Siancore ]]> /show/halloween-icons-by-siancore.html Author: Siancore
Number of icons: 12 icons
Halloween Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Basic Round Social by S-Icons ]]> /show/basic-round-social-icons-by-sicons.html Author: S-Icons
Number of icons: 143 icons
Basic Round Social Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Flat Shadow Social by S-Icons ]]> /show/flat-shadow-social-icons-by-sicons.html Author: S-Icons
Number of icons: 20 icons
Flat Shadow Social Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Flatastic 5 by Custom Icon Design ]]> /show/flatastic-5-icons-by-custom-icon-design.html Author: Custom Icon Design
Number of icons: 60 icons
Flatastic 5 Icons ]]>
IconArchive.com <![CDATA[Android L by dtafalonso ]]> /show/android-l-icons-by-dtafalonso.html Author: dtafalonso
Number of icons: 19 icons
Android L Icons ]]>