Forum Faces 2

About the Set
Following on from the previous set, here are a new bunch of misfits for your viewing pleasure. These incorporate some suggestions from various people so thanks goes to the numerous helpful contributors.

These Icons are also available in a format suitable for use on forums.
I have not included them with the Icons for size considerations but you can download them in GIF and PNG formats from (2.9mb) The previous Forum Faces Icons are also included in Avatar ready format.

They were created in Photoshop 7 using vector shapes and some layer masks. Copious amounts of layer effects were flowed over the shapes to get the desired result.

If you have any comments or omissions you've noticed, drop me an email at

Distributing the Icons
Feel free to email your friends the icon set or just the link to the icon page.

I would ask that you send the set as it is including the read me and credits.


Cian Walsh

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