Forum Faces Icon Set

About the Set
As anyone who spends time in online forums can testify, a collection of personalities can be easily identified from their posting behaviour.

Through extensive research ;), I've put together a small selection of the freaks and geeks that inhabit the far reaches of the Interweb. Sadly, as with everything in life, the level headed types aren't half as interesting so are not included in the set

They were created in Photoshop 7 using only vector shapes and some layer masks. Copious amounts of layer effects were flowed over the shapes to get the desired result.

If you have any suggestions or omissions you've noticed, drop me an email at
There will be a second set produced featuring suggestions from anyone and everyone.

Distributing the Icons
Feel free to email your friends the icon set or just the link to the icon page.

I would ask that you send the set as it is including the read me and credits.

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