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November, 2000
Aeon Flux
by Dave Brasgalla

"Ready for the action now, Dangerboy?..."

Those of you who love animated science fiction may well remember Peter Chung's sensational animated shorts that aired on MTV in the early/mid '90's. Aeon Flux was a scantily-clad Monican provocateur with a penchant for automatic weapons and a foot-tickling fetish - who managed to get herself killed in just about every other episode. Now Aeon is back in permanent pixel form, ready to infiltrate your desktop! I made these mainly for my own use, but I have decided to share them with you, as I am sure there are still a lot of Aeon fans out there...



Work Notes: These icons were hand-assembled pixel by pixel in ResEdit and utilize the 256 color palette.

Legality Aeon Flux is copyright ©1996 MTV Networks. The icons contained in this set are intended for personal desktop use ONLY. They may not be disassembled, reverse-engineered or otherwise modified, in part or in whole except for personal desktop use. This includes conversion into other graphic formats such as JPEG, PNG, etc.. These icons MAY NOT BE REDISTRIBUTED, SOLD OR EXCHANGED FOR ANY GOODS OR SERVICES WHATSOEVER. In addition, the read-me file must accompany the set at all times. By downloading this file you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

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