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October, 1998
World of Copland, Vol.4 by Dave Brasgalla, Gedeon Maheux, Talos Tsui & Corey Marion

To everyone here at the Iconfactory, the World of Copland collections are like old friends. Every time we start a new volume, there is a certain creative spark that goes around the factory floor. We end up brainstorming really neat ideas, and get excited about cranking out more icons at that familiar 3D angle. This time around was no exception.

The enclosed folder contains 45 icons based on the now infamous and defunct Mac OS code named Copland. Probably the most memorable thing about Copland was the distinctive 3D look of the interface's icons. World of Copland:4 picks up right where the past three sets have left off. Included in this volume are Copland versions of some of your favorite foods like Cheeseburgers, Hot dogs and Submarine sandwiches. Techies will appreciate the wide selection of all new computer and hi-tech gadgets like Sony Cam corders, Cell Phones, Printers, and all new Quick-cam, modems and digital cameras. Lastly, hook up your boring old removable media with some super-cool translucent Imation Diskette icons, complete with colored shadows! All these and more in the Iconfactory's latest round of World of Copland: Volume 4. Enjoy!

Work Notes: These icons were hand-assembled pixel by pixel in Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks: A special thanks goes out to Arno Gourdol at Apple who has been instrumental in our successful transition to creating icons for Mac OS 8.5. Without his help and guidance, the World of Copland Volume 4 collection would be limited to the same old 256 colors we're all used to.

Legality These icons and the images represented by these icons are Copyright ©1998 The Iconfactory. The icons contained in this set are intended for personal desktop use ONLY. They may not be disassembled, reverse-engineered or otherwise modified, in part or in whole except for personal desktop use. This includes conversion into other graphic formats such as JPEG, PNG, etc.. These icons MAY NOT BE REDISTRIBUTED, SOLD OR EXCHANGED FOR ANY GOODS OR SERVICES WHATSOEVER. In addition, the read-me file must accompany the set at all times. By downloading this file you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

Copyright © 1998 The Iconfactory, All Rights Reserved.