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November 1998
Red Tab System Icons by Dave Brasgalla

The enclosed folder contains 45 icons that are intended as an attempt to create a simpler, more minimalist look for the Mac OS. They came about after a discussion with Sara of Sara's Icon Parade, the massive Swedish icon index. We had mentioned the fact that as icon designers, we were all going "Copland-crazy", everything 3D and isometric. With this set, I tried to go for a very basic type of stylization, yet wanted to keep some of the more familiar elements and visual cues of the Mac OS. Also, they were designed to look almost exactly the same in thousands of colors as in black and white, so folks with monochromatic compact Macs are not being left out with this set - in fact, it is a good way to give your older Macs a sleeker, more modern icon update!

In actuality, I started this set as an exercise and stopped work after about 16 or so icons, having sort of explored the idea enough to satisfy my curiosity. I was going to shelve it until people started to write and ask what had happened to it! So, here they are - due to popular demand! I realise that these icons will not be everyone's cup of tea, but in a 32-bit "World of Copland", they hopefully provide a intrigueing alternative...


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