Basket Monsters

Thank you for downloading. Basket monsters icon set is just a small introduction to the colorful world inhabited by little monsters. They come from the Nep-tuna planet which was destroyed many light years ago by a huge meteroid. Now, they are here on earth trying to find a cosy place to settle. It is no surprise they have chosen sweet and soft desktops of computers. Behave well my little friends.
Legal notice

The icons and all images/files connected with them are copyrighted - Copyright Milosz Wlazlo, 2004 - 2005. All icons included in this icon set are for personal use only. The icons may not be re-used, converted, re-built or manipulated in any way. Also, these icons may not be redistributed, sold or exchanged for any kind of profit. The readme file must be attached to every downloaded package. By downloading this file you agree to follow these terms of use.