Copyright ©1997,1999 Igarashi Susumu



All the icons packed in this set were drawn pixel by pixel with a resource editor called ResEdit. I employ this method because I want to give clear and impressive appearances to my works by using solid colors. I should be happy that you would feel as if they really exist there and enjoy optical illusions created by groups of pixels.


The icons are provided as E-mailware. If you like them, please send me your comment about my works. I'm waiting for your feedback.

Extra Icons

This set contains a couple of extra icons. They are packed in a password-protected archive named "Extra". Other sets similarly involve some extra icons and all the password is same. You will get it as long as you drop me a comment about my works.

Legal Stuff

I, Igarashi Susumu, retain all rights and copyright to all my works in this set. You can use them freely for your own personal use, and can distribute it to anyone as long as the original file remains intact, including this 'ReadMe' file. However, you cannot put any of them onto web pages, BBSs, CD-ROMs, books, magazines or other media without my permission.

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