Milkanodised is a complete replacement set icons from RimshotDesign. I decided to creat Milkanodised 8 mounth ago, after lot of preview the set awaited is now available. But why choose this name ? As you'll see it's because hard disk, folder and device are based on white platic from iMac G5. So that set look gret with theme light themes like Milk. For Toolbar, i decided to make realistic icons in 32 px and don't use white icons cause they didn't look well with Aqua or other light themes.

To have a complete set I thought that i should included all Apple hardware icons. All these extra icons are photo realistic in 128px. I will update Milkanodised Extra if new product are released by Apple.


The icons contained in Milkanodised are available for MAC and PC, to use them just follow these easy step:

If you have downloaded Mac OS X version:

Right clic on the icon you want change and show info

Copy/paste the icon

If you have downloaded Pixadex version:

· Select icons in Pixadex.

· Drop icons that you want to change in Pixadex

If you have downloaded Windows XP version:

· Icons for Windows are available as .PNG in 128 px


Milkanodised is Copyrighted© RimshotDesign, Cyril Seillet.

All downloads have to remain in their original states and must not be redistributed without the read-me files accompanying the files. The downloads must not be redistributed, sold or exchanged without written permission from the autor | Cyril Seillet |. RimshotDesign cannot be held responsive for data loss or any other circumstance caused by using these files.

By downloading these files, you agree and are bound by the terms of usage.