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Misc Episodes Hitler happy icon
Lisas Wedding Hughs robot servant 2 icon
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Townspeople Gil icon
Townspeople Shary Bobbins icon
Homertopia Evil Homer icon
Guest Stars Dr Who Tom Baker 1 icon
Guest Stars Fat Tony Joe Montegna icon
Homertopia Teen Prom Homer icon
Bongo Comics The Human Torque Otto icon
Townspeople Prof Frink delighted icon
Homertopia Homers BVDs icon
Lisas Wedding Older Rev Lovejoy icon
Folder Bart rapping icon
Townspeople Cletus the Slack jawed Yokel icon
Bart Unabridged Clockwork Orange Bart icon
Simpsons Folder Small icon
Misc Episodes Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo icon
Bongo Comics Captain Kwik Apu icon
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Monster music icon
Guest Stars Alex Whitney Lisa Kudrow icon
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Food pretzel icon
Simpsons Family Don Homer icon
Guest Stars Tom Jones 2 icon
Futurama Bender 1 icon
Lisa Early drawn icon
Folder McBain icon
Simpsons Family Young Homer icon
Bart Unabridged Baby Bart with pacifier icon
Bart Unabridged Spiffy Bart icon
Townspeople Handsome Pete icon
Homertopia Homer screaming icon
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Public Figures George Bush 1 icon
Monkey D Luffey icon
Townspeople Tattoo Parlor Guy icon
Homertopia Homers swimsuited butt icon
Public Figures Kent Brockman icon
Futurama Slurm Can icon
Townspeople Otis town drunk icon
Townspeople Ranger on Burns mountain icon
Simpsons Family Duff beer icon
Grouchy icon
Madagascar Alex 2 icon
Nuclear Plant Blinky icon
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Folder Mr Burns icon
Teacher icon
TV Movie Space Mutant icon
Townspeople Prof Frink in college icon
TV Movie Barney 2 icon
Guest Stars Baseball Ringers Steve Sax icon
Homertopia Homer as Wolverine icon
Simpsons Family Patty Bouvier icon
Townspeople Caveman icon
Folder Lisa icon
Simpsons Family Baseball Homer icon
Rollover Barts joke face 1 icon
Simpsons Family Homer the doughnut icon
Townspeople Frink cultized icon
Bart Unabridged Nerdy Bart icon
Guest Stars X Files X Files Burns icon
Episode Tom Sawyer Rev Lovejoy icon
Folder Bart reaching up blue icon
Bad Guy Earth icon
Pistol icon
Townspeople Female psychic help police icon
Folder Nuclear plant icon
Bart Unabridged Psychiatrist Bart icon