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Gartoon Redux Misc Icons Pack

Designer: Gartoon Team   Categories: Application   License: GPL (Open Source)
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Audio Megaphone icon
Battery icon
Bluetooth Inactive icon
Bluetooth Paired icon
Dialog Error icon
Dialog Information icon
Dialog Password Lock icon
Dialog Question Mark icon
Dialog Warning Exclamation Mark icon
Emblem Art Brush icon
Emblem Certified icon
Emblem Favorite Heart icon
Emblem Photos icon
Emblem Pictures icon
Emblem Ubuntuone Synchronized icon
Emblem Ubuntuone Unsynchronized icon
Emblem Ubuntuone Updating icon
Gpm Battery Charged icon
Gpm Brightness Kbd icon
Gpm Brightness Lcd icon
Gtk Cdrom icon
Gtk Configure Preferences icon
Gtk Connect Socket icon
Gtk Convert icon
Gtk Disconnect Plug icon
Gtk Dnd Multiple Newspaper icon
Gtk Dnd Newspaper icon
Gtk Edit icon
Gtk File New icon
Gtk Indent Rtl icon
Gtk Index icon
Gtk Jump To Rtl icon
Gtk Media Play Rtl icon
Gtk Overline icon
Gtk Redo Rtl icon
Gtk Revert To Saved Rtl icon
Gtk Select Color icon
Gtk Undelete Ltr icon
Gtk Undelete Rtl icon
Gtk Undo Rtl icon
Gtk Unindent Rtl icon
Image Loading icon
Image Missing icon
Lock Secure Checked icon
Mail Attachment icon
Media Playlist Repeat icon
Media Playlist Shuffle icon
Music Note icon
Network Idle icon
Network Transmit Receive icon
Network Wireless Encrypted icon
Nm Signal 100 icon
Object Lock Locked icon
Object Lock Unlocked icon
Preferences Desktop Locale icon
Psp Play Station Portable icon
Seahorse Applet Encrypted icon
Seahorse Applet Key icon
Seahorse Applet Signed icon
Seahorse Applet Text icon
Seahorse Applet Unknown icon
Security High icon
Security Low icon
Security Medium icon
Stock Book Blue icon
Stock Book Green icon
Stock Book Red icon
Stock Book Yellow icon
Stock Calendar And Tasks icon
Stock Color icon
Stock Contact List icon
Stock Data Delete Record icon
Stock Data New Record icon
Stock Data Save icon
Stock Data Undo icon
Stock Edit Bookmarks icon
Stock Enter Group icon
Stock Equals icon
Stock Exit Group icon
Stock Folder Properties icon
Stock Headphones icon
Stock Insert Chart icon
Stock Keyring Key icon
Stock Link icon
Stock Mail Filters Apply icon
Stock Mail Import icon
Stock Mail Open Multiple icon
Stock Mail Unread Multiple icon
Stock Mark icon
Stock Music Library icon
Stock Navigator Insert As Copy icon
Stock New 24h Appointment icon
Stock New Meeting Hands icon
Stock People icon
Stock Person icon
Stock Save Pdf icon