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Add icon
Archive icon
Audio Disk icon
Burn Disk icon
Calendar icon
Cancel icon
Check icon
Compact Disk icon
Copy icon
Copy v2 icon
Cut icon
Delete icon
Download icon
DVD Disk icon
Edit icon
Favorites icon
Find icon
Flash Disk icon
Folder icon
Forward icon
Globe icon
Hard Disk icon
Help icon
Information icon
Key icon
Log Out icon
Mail icon
Negative icon
New icon
Next icon
Open icon
Paste icon
Pause icon
Picture icon
Play icon
Positive icon
Presentation icon
Preview icon
Previous icon
Print icon
Properties icon
Redo icon
Refresh icon
Remove icon
Rename icon
Save icon
Search icon
Send icon
Settings icon
Stock Index Down icon
Stock Index Up icon
Stop icon
Synchronize icon
Text Document icon
Undo icon
Upload icon
User icon
Zoom In icon
Zoom Out icon