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Android Lollipop Icons Pack

Designer: EatosDesign   Categories: Application   License: CC Attribution-No Derivative 4.0
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Aptoide icon
Blogger icon
Browser icon
Calculator icon
Calendar icon
Camera icon
Camera Moto icon
Camera Next icon
Camera Nexus icon
Chrome icon
Chrome Beta icon
Clock icon
Contacts icon
Dictionary icon
Docs icon
Downloads icon
Drawer icon
Drive icon
Earth icon
Email icon
Equalizer icon
Fit icon
Gmail icon
Google icon
Google plus icon
Google Settings icon
Hangouts icon
Headphones Apollo icon
Headphones Play Music icon
Home icon
Keep icon
Maps icon
Market Unlocker icon
Messenger icon
Movie Studio icon
News And Weather icon
NewStand icon
Phone icon
Photos icon
Play Books icon
Play Games icon
Play Movies icon
Play Store icon
Play Store Alt icon
Settings icon
Settings Google icon
Sheets icon
Slides icon
Tranlate icon
Youtube icon