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Material Light Icons Pack

Designer: Pictogrammers Team   Categories: Toolkit Vector / System   License: Apache 2.0 (Open Source)
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Account icon
Account alert icon
Alarm icon
Alarm panel icon
Alarm plus icon
Alert icon
Alert circle icon
Alert octagon icon
Arrange bring forward icon
Arrange bring to front icon
Arrange send backward icon
Arrange send to back icon
Arrow down icon
Arrow down circle icon
Arrow left icon
Arrow left circle icon
Arrow right icon
Arrow right circle icon
Arrow up icon
Arrow up circle icon
Bank icon
Baseball diamond icon
Bell icon
Bell off icon
Bell plus icon
Bluetooth icon
Book icon
Book multiple icon
Book plus icon
Bookmark icon
Border all icon
Border bottom icon
Border horizontal icon
Border inside icon
Border left icon
Border none icon
Border outside icon
Border right icon
Border top icon
Border vertical icon
Briefcase icon
Bullhorn icon
Calendar icon
Camcorder icon
Camera icon
Cancel icon
Cart icon
Chart areaspline icon
Chart bar icon
Chart histogram icon
Chart line icon
Chart pie icon
Check icon
Check circle icon
Chevron double down icon
Chevron double left icon
Chevron double right icon
Chevron double up icon
Chevron down icon
Chevron left icon
Chevron right icon
Chevron up icon
Circle icon
Clipboard icon
Clipboard check icon
Clipboard plus icon
Clipboard text icon
Clock icon
Closed caption icon
Cloud icon
Cloud download icon
Cloud upload icon
Comment icon
Comment alert icon
Comment text icon
Console icon
Content cut icon
Content duplicate icon
Content paste icon
Content save icon
Content save all icon
Credit card icon
Credit card scan icon
Crop icon
Crop free icon
Currency eur icon
Currency gbp icon
Currency rub icon
Currency usd icon
Delete icon
Diamond stone icon
Dots horizontal icon
Dots vertical icon
Download icon
Eject icon
Email icon