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Designer: Custom Icon Design   Categories: Mini / Application   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Accept icon
Add icon
Add fav icon
Add user icon
Alert icon
Billboard icon
Cancel icon
Chat icon
Close icon
Communicate icon
Copy icon
Cut icon
Delete icon
Delete user icon
Edit icon
Faq icon
Fav icon
File icon
File add icon
File delete icon
File edit icon
File info icon
Flag icon
Folder icon
Folder add icon
Folder alert icon
Folder delete icon
Folder fav icon
Folder info icon
Home icon
Info icon
Key icon
Lock icon
Login in icon
Login out icon
Paperclip icon
Paste icon
Percent icon
Pools icon
Prohibit icon
Refresh icon
Remove fav icon
Ruler icon
Save icon
Search icon
Shoppingbag icon
Shoppingcart icon
Star empty icon
Star full icon
Star half full icon
Telephone icon
Tools icon
Unlock icon
User icon
Users icon
Wheel icon
Wheels icon
Wrench icon
Zoom in icon
Zoom out icon