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Designer: Harwen   Categories: Folder / System   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Audio CD icon
BMP Image icon
Closed Folder icon
Configuration Settings icon
Control Panel icon
Default Icon icon
Desktop icon
DVD Drive icon
E mail icon
Entire Network icon
Favorites icon
Floppy Drive 3 icon
Floppy Drive 5 icon
Folder Options icon
Font icon
Fonts icon
GIF Image icon
Hard Drive icon
Help and support icon
Help File icon
JPEG Image icon
Midi icon
Mov icon
Mp 3 icon
MS DOS Application icon
My Briefcase icon
My Computer icon
My Documents icon
My Music icon
My Network Places icon
My Pictures icon
My Recent Documents icon
My Videos icon
Network Connections icon
Network Drive connected icon
Network Drive offline icon
Network Service icon
Open Folder icon
PNG Image icon
Printers Faxes icon
Program Group icon
RAM Drive icon
Recycle Bin e icon
Recycle Bin f icon
Removable Drive icon
RUN icon
Scanners Cameras icon
Scheduled Tasks icon
Search icon
Settings icon
Sharing Overlay icon
Shortcut Overlay icon
Text Document icon
TIF Image icon
Uyyuuuuu icon
Video Clip icon
Wave Sound icon
Web Folders icon
WMA Sound icon
Workgroup icon