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Copland 5 Icons Pack

Designer: Iconfactory   Categories: Object   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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SL MKII icon
Mb SuperDisk icon
.5 Sound Set icon
A man icon
A rose for K. icon
A woman icon
Big Track icon
Box closed icon
Box opened icon
Circle 1 icon
Circle 2 icon
Circle 3 icon
Cone icon
Crayons icon
Cubist icon
Daves SE30 icon
Diary icon
DreamCast icon
Fender Amp icon
Foundation Masonry icon
Generic PC icon
Globe icon
Grand Piano icon
Hammer icon
HumVee icon
iMac Bondi AB icon
iMac Bondi AB on icon
iMac DV Blueberry icon
iMac DV Blueberry on icon
iMac DV Grape icon
iMac DV Grape on icon
iMac DV Graphite icon
iMac DV Graphite on icon
iMac DV Lime icon
iMac DV Lime on icon
iMac DV Strawberry icon
iMac DV Strawberry on icon
iMac DV Tangerine icon
iMac DV Tangerine on icon
Lab Equipment icon
Larry the Lobster icon
Lava Lamp icon
Le Corbusier Armchair icon
Life Vest icon
Major Matt Mason icon
Mazinger Z Die Cast icon
Microwave icon
Office Phone icon
Old Suitcase icon
Omni Writer icon
Orb Disk icon
Orb Drive icon
OS9 Box icon
Pie icon
PSX2 icon
Safe closed icon
Safe opened icon
The Doghouse icon
Toaster icon
Vectrex icon
ZIP 250 Disk icon
ZIP 250 Drive SCSI icon
ZIP 250 Drive USB icon