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Copland 6 Icons Pack

Designer: Iconfactory   Categories: Object   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Airport Base Station icon
American Flag icon
American Flag 2 icon
Apple Studio Display icon
Cash Register icon
Copland U.S. Flag icon
Cowboy Boot icon
Heroes icon
Homepage Builder icon
iBook Closed icon
iBook Open icon
Optimus Prime icon
Optimus Prime 2 icon
OSX Disk icon
OSX Firewire Disk icon
OSX SCSI Disk icon
OSX USB Disk icon
Palm m500 icon
Prairie Skull icon
Ruby HD icon
Ruby Network icon
Ruby Trash Empty icon
Ruby Trash Full icon
Statue of Liberty icon
Stock Banner icon
Stock Ticker icon
Ten Gallon Hat icon
Thunderstorm icon
TiBook Closed icon
TiBook Open icon
Toaster icon
Visor Deluxe blue icon
Visor Deluxe graphite icon
Visor Deluxe green icon
Visor Deluxe ice icon
Visor Deluxe orange icon
Visor Edge icon
Visor Neo blue icon
Visor Neo red icon
Visor Platinum Blue icon
Visor Platinum Red icon
Visor Platinum Silver icon
Visor Prism icon
Visor Pro icon
WOC6 Folder icon
WOC6 Internet Folder icon
WOC6 Mail icon
WOC6 MP3 Folder icon
WOC6 OS X CD icon
WOC6 Photos Folder 1 icon
WOC6 Photos Folder 2 icon
X Box icon