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Gorts Icons Vol. 2 Icons Pack

Designer: Gort (Forrest Walter)   Categories: Art   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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1984 icon
Alien Bomb icon
Angry Mac icon
Appley Thing icon
Bang Boy icon
Better Virtual PC icon
Black Ops icon
BluBerry icon
Clacky Teeth icon
Colony icon
Connected icon
Cow Skul icon
Dont Got It icon
EmboOpto icon
FunNoodle icon
Golden Egg icon
Got It icon
GrrZap icon
Happy Snow Guy icon
Her Gift icon
Hungry Fish icon
ID card icon
Jala Poppa icon
Leaky Bad Egg icon
ManOwar icon
Mechish Thing icon
Mek Hand icon
Mmmm Olives icon
Muh Foot icon
Native icon
Not So Hungry Fish icon
Prime Cheese icon
Pumpkin Snowman icon
Saw Blade icon
Search Party icon
Shadow icon
Silver Prod icon
Sumpin Hot icon
Swamp Thingish icon
Swurl icon
There Can Be Only One icon
This Icon SUCKS icon
We Claim The Moon icon
Wire Tap icon
X bear icon