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Heroes And Villains Icons Pack

Designer: Piero Bello   Categories: Cartoon   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Arcangel icon
Arcangel 2 icon
Batman icon
Beast 1 icon
Beast 2 icon
Bishop icon
Captain america icon
Carnage icon
Ciclops 1 icon
Ciclops 2 icon
Colossus icon
Daredevil icon
Deadpool icon
Dr xavier icon
Flame boy icon
Green latern icon
Green latern logo icon
Hulk icon
Iceman icon
Invisible woman icon
Irorman icon
Jean grey icon
King ping icon
Magneto 1 icon
Magneto 2 icon
Martian detective icon
Mr fantastic icon
Mr sinister icon
Multiple man icon
Mystique icon
Namor icon
Nick fury icon
Nightcrawler 1 icon
Nightcrawler 2 icon
Nigthwatcher icon
Red skull icon
Silver surfer icon
Spiderman icon
Storm icon
Superman icon
The thing icon
Venom 1 icon
Venom 2 icon
Venom 3 icon
Vision icon
Wolverine 1 icon
Wolverine 2 icon
Wonder woman icon