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Designer: Iconoir Team   Categories: Toolkit Vector   License: MIT (Open Source)
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St medal icon
X2 cell icon
View icon
D add hole icon
D arc icon
D arc center pt icon
D bridge icon
D center box icon
D draft face icon
D ellipse icon
D ellipse three pts icon
D pt box icon
D rect corner to corner icon
D rect from center icon
D rect three pts icon
D select edge icon
D select face icon
D select point icon
D select solid icon
D three pts box icon
K display icon
Accessibility icon
Accessibility sign icon
Accessibility tech icon
Activity icon
Add circle icon
Add database script icon
Add folder icon
Add frame icon
Add hexagon icon
Add keyframe icon
Add keyframe alt icon
Add keyframes icon
Add lens icon
Add media image icon
Add media video icon
Add page icon
Add page alt icon
Add pin alt icon
Add selection icon
Add square icon
Add to cart icon
Add user icon
Adobe after effects icon
Adobe illustrator icon
Adobe indesign icon
Adobe lightroom icon
Adobe photoshop icon
Adobe xd icon
African tree icon
Agile icon
Air conditioner icon
Airplane icon
Airplane helix icon
Airplane helix 45deg icon
Airplane off icon
Airplane rotation icon
Airplay icon
Alarm icon
Album icon
Album carousel icon
Album list icon
Album open icon
Align bottom box icon
Align center icon
Align justify icon
Align left icon
Align left box icon
Align right icon
Align right box icon
Align top box icon
Angle tool icon
Antenna icon
Antenna off icon
Antenna signal icon
Antenna signal tag icon
App notification icon
App window icon
Apple icon
Apple half icon
Apple half alt icon
Apple imac 2021 icon
Apple imac 2021 side icon
Apple mac icon
Apple shortcuts icon
Apple swift icon
Apple wallet icon
Ar symbol icon
Arcade icon
Archery icon
Archery match icon
Archive icon
Area search icon
Arrow archery icon
Arrow bl icon
Arrow bl circle icon