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Kingdom Hearts Icons Pack

Designer: Neokratos   Categories: Game   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Cloud icon
Cloud II icon
Donald icon
Goofy icon
Group icon
Group II icon
Heart icon
Kairi icon
Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days Logo icon
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep logo icon
Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Logo icon
Kingdom Hearts Coded Logo icon
Kingdom Hearts II Logo icon
Kingdom Hearts Logo icon
Larxene icon
Lexaeus icon
Marluxia icon
Namine icon
Riku Kingdom Hearts icon
Riku Kingdom Hearts II icon
Sephiroth icon
Sora icon
Sora Antiform icon
Sora Face icon
Sora Final Form icon
Sora Flag icon
Sora Limit Form icon
Sora Master Form icon
Sora Valor Form icon
Sora Wisdom Form icon
Vexen icon
Xemnas icon
Zexion icon