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Religious Symbol Icons Pack

Designer: DesignBolts   Categories: Culture   License: Free with a link back to https://dribbble.com/designbolts
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ALLAH icon
Ankh icon
Arevakhach icon
Ayyavazhi icon
Baha i faith icon
Buddhism Wheel of Dharma icon
Cao Dai Eye of Providence icon
Christian cross icon
Christianity Peace Dove icon
Christianity Praying Hand Symbol icon
Confucian icon
Cross Fitchy icon
Cross pattee icon
Dua icon
Hinduism Om icon
Islam Crescent icon
Jainism Ahimsa Hand icon
Judaism Star of David icon
Paganism Triskelion icon
Presbyterian cross icon
Raelian symbol icon
Shinto torii icon
Sikhism Khanda icon
Taoism Daoism Yin yang icon