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Simpsons Vol. 01 Icons Pack

Designer: Jeanette Foshee   Categories: Cartoon   License: CC Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0
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Folder Bart icon
Folder Cool Bart icon
Folder Homer icon
Folder Lisa icon
Folder Maggie icon
Folder Marge icon
Folder Marge 2 icon
Folder Mr Burns icon
Folder Nuclear plant icon
Moes Tavern Barney Gumble icon
Moes Tavern Larry icon
Moes Tavern Moe Szyslak icon
Moes Tavern Sam icon
Neighborhood Kids Deadhead icon
Neighborhood Kids Geek icon
Neighborhood Kids Janey Powell icon
Neighborhood Kids Just Coasting icon
Neighborhood Kids Lewis icon
Neighborhood Kids Martin Prince icon
Neighborhood Kids Milhouse icon
Neighborhood Kids Milhouse 2 icon
Neighborhood Kids Nerd icon
Neighborhood Kids Overachiever icon
Neighborhood Kids Perky icon
Neighborhood Kids Richard icon
Neighborhood Kids Rod Flanders icon
Neighborhood Kids Sherri icon
Neighborhood Kids Smug icon
Neighborhood Kids Social Queen icon
Neighborhood Kids Spacehead icon
Neighborhood Kids Terri icon
Neighborhood Kids The Malcontent icon
Neighborhood Kids The Snitch icon
Neighborhood Kids Todd Flanders icon
Nuclear plant icon
Nuclear Plant Blinky icon
Nuclear Plant C Montgomery Burns icon
Nuclear Plant Carl icon
Nuclear Plant Chief Inspector icon
Nuclear Plant Karl icon
Nuclear Plant Lenny icon
Nuclear Plant Mr Burns icon
Nuclear Plant Radiation suit icon
Nuclear Plant Waylon Smithers icon
Public Figures Bleeding Gums Murphy icon
Public Figures Capt Lance Murdock icon
Public Figures Dr Marvin Monroe icon
Public Figures Eddie icon
Public Figures Gov Mary Bailey icon
Public Figures Kent Brockman icon
Public Figures Lou icon
Public Figures Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby icon
Public Figures Police Chief Wiggum icon
School Mr Largo icon
School Mrs Krabappel icon
School Ms Hoover icon
School Old teacher icon
School Otto icon
School Principal Seymour Skinner icon
School Skinners Mom icon
School Substitute teacher icon
Simpsons Family Bart icon
Simpsons Family Cool Bart icon
Simpsons Family Grandma Bouvier icon
Simpsons Family Grandpa Simpson icon
Simpsons Family Homer icon
Simpsons Family Lisa icon
Simpsons Family Maggie icon
Simpsons Family Marge icon
Simpsons Family Patty Bouvier icon
Simpsons Family Santas Little Helper icon
Simpsons Family Selma Bouvier icon
Simpsons Family Snowball II icon
Simpsons Family TV icon
Townpeople Apu Nahasapeemapetilon icon
Townpeople Dr Julius Hibbert icon
Townpeople Helen Lovejoy icon
Townpeople Maude Flanders icon
Townpeople Mrs Hibbert icon
Townpeople Ned Flanders icon
Townpeople Reverend Lovejoy icon
Townpeople Rod Flanders icon
Townpeople the devil icon
Townpeople Todd Flanders icon
TV Movie Corporal Punishment icon
TV Movie Itchy icon
TV Movie Krusty the Clown icon
TV Movie Scratchy icon
TV Movie Sideshow Bob icon
TV Movie Sideshow Mel icon