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Designer: Rokey   Categories: Application   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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ActiveX cache icon
Administrative tools icon
Cd drive icon
Configration setting icon
Control panel icon
Dail connection connect icon
Dail connection disconnect icon
Desktop icon
Digital camera icon
File blank icon
File default icon
File html icon
File moive icon
File msdos icon
File music icon
File picture icon
File rar icon
File system icon
Floppy dirve icon
Folder icon
Folder fonts icon
Folder open icon
Folder print icon
Folder shared connect icon
Folder shared disconnect icon
Folder zip icon
Hard drive icon
Hard driver shared connect icon
Hard driver shared disconnect icon
Help icon
Internet Explorer icon
Msdos batch file icon
Music disc icon
My computer icon
My documents icon
My download icon
My favourite icon
My moive icon
My music icon
My Network place icon
My picture icon
Network dialup connection icon
Outlook icon
Printer icon
Program folder icon
Recent file icon
Recycle bin empty icon
Recycle bin full icon
Removable drive icon
Rick text format icon
Run icon
Scaner icon
Scanner cameras icon
Search icon
Shortcut icon
Shut down icon
Text icon
The whole net work icon
Url history icon
Work group icon