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Star Wars Lego Icons Pack

Designer: Iconfactory   Categories: Kids / Funny   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Anakin icon
Biggs icon
Biggs No Helmet icon
Black Figure icon
Darth Maul icon
Darth Maul With Hood icon
Darth Vader icon
Darth Vader No Helmet icon
Generic Figure icon
Hoth Soldier icon
Hoth Soldier No Helmet icon
Landspeeder Ben icon
Landspeeder Ben With Hair icon
Landspeeder Luke icon
Landspeeder Luke With Hair icon
Lego Deathstar icon
Lego Folder icon
Obi Wan icon
Obi Wan With Hood icon
Padme icon
Padme With Hair icon
Pod Racing Anakin icon
Qui Gon Jinn icon
Qui Gon Jinn With Hair icon
R2 D2 icon
Rebel Tech icon
Rebel Tech No Hair icon
Scout Trooper icon
Wedge icon
Wedge No Helmet icon
X Wing Luke icon
X Wing Luke No Helmet icon