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Designer: ypf (Forrest Yuan)   Categories: Application / System   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Administration tools icon
Control panel icon
Desktop icon
Dev audio cd icon
Dev cdrom icon
Dev floppy icon
Dev floppy big icon
Dev harddisc icon
Dev ram icon
Dev removable usb icon
Document configuration settings icon
Document default icon
Document help and support icon
Document internet icon
Document mail icon
Document recent icon
Document richtext icon
Document text icon
Document write icon
Filetype bmp icon
Filetype gif icon
Filetype jpg icon
Filetype midi icon
Filetype wav sound icon
Folder activex cache icon
Folder camera icon
Folder closed icon
Folder documents icon
Folder favorites icon
Folder fonts icon
Folder msdos application icon
Folder music icon
Folder music share icon
Folder open floder icon
Folder pictures icon
Folder pictures share icon
Folder preferences icon
Folder printer fax icon
Folder scheduled tasks icon
Folder subscriptions icon
Folder url history icon
Folder videos icon
Folder virus icon
Folder web icon
Folder zip icon
Internet Explorer icon
Network connected icon
Network connections icon
Network disconnected icon
Network entire icon
Network places icon
Network service icon
Overlay share icon
Overlay shortcut icon
Recycle bin empty icon
Recycle bin full icon
Rocket launch run icon
Search icon
Transformer icon
Transformer group icon