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Western Icons Pack

Designer: Pixture (Hide Itoh)   Categories: People / TV & Movie   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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2 icon
3 icon
4 icon
5 icon
6 icon
7 icon
Belt with gun icon
Boots icon
Boots 2 icon
Bullets icon
Bullets 2 icon
Burbon icon
C45 icon
CSA icon
Derringer icon
Django icon
Dynamites icon
Gun belt icon
Gunfight icon
Gunfight 2 icon
Gunfight 3 icon
Gunfight 4 icon
Hanging rope icon
Hat icon
Hat 2 icon
Hat 3 icon
Hat 4 icon
Lady icon
M1860 Army icon
Magnificent Seven icon
Peacemaker icon
Robber icon
Robber 2 icon
Robber 3 icon
Shane icon
Shane 2 icon
Sherif icon
Sherif 2 icon
Sherif 3 icon
The Alamo icon
The Bad icon
The Good icon
The Good 2 icon
The Ugly icon
USA icon
Winchester Rifle icon