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Designer: Arturo (Wibawa)   Categories:   License: MIT (Open Source)
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Air icon
Airplay audio icon
Airplay video icon
Airpods icon
Alarm icon
Align bottom icon
Align horizontal center icon
Align left icon
Align right icon
Align to bottom icon
Align to middle icon
Align to top icon
Align top icon
Align vertical center icon
Android icon
Angular icon
Arrow back icon
Arrow back thick icon
Arrow back thick fill icon
Arrow clockwise icon
Arrow counter clockwise icon
Arrow cycle icon
Arrow down icon
Arrow down left icon
Arrow down right icon
Arrow down thick icon
Arrow forward icon
Arrow forward thick icon
Arrow forward thick fill icon
Arrow left icon
Arrow left thick icon
Arrow repeat icon
Arrow right icon
Arrow right left icon
Arrow right thick icon
Arrow shuffle icon
Arrow up icon
Arrow up down icon
Arrow up left icon
Arrow up right icon
Arrow up thick icon
Ascending icon
Attach icon
Augmented reality icon
Backspace icon
Backspace fill icon
Bank icon
Basket icon
Battery charging icon
Battery empty icon
Battery full icon
Battery low icon
Battery medium icon
Behance icon
Bell icon
Bicycle icon
Bitcoin icon
Block icon
Bluetooth icon
Boat icon
Book icon
Book close icon
Book open icon
Bootstrap icon
Box icon
Briefcase icon
Bug icon
Cake icon
Calculator icon
Calendar icon
Camera icon
Cart icon
Chat add icon
Chat approve icon
Chat bubble icon
Chat dots icon
Chat edit icon
Chat error icon
Chat question icon
Chat reject icon
Chat remove icon
Check icon
Check box icon
Check box fill icon
Check in icon
Chess icon
Chevron down icon
Chevron down small icon
Chevron horizontal icon
Chevron left icon
Chevron left small icon
Chevron right icon
Chevron right small icon
Chevron up icon
Chevron up small icon
Chevron vertical icon