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Accessories calculator icon
Accessories camera icon
Accessories text editor icon
Acrobat reader icon
Adobe air icon
Apport icon
Atom icon
Baobab stats icon
Blender icon
Bluetooth icon
Brackets icon
Browser chromium icon
Browser firefox icon
Browser firefox nightly icon
Browser google chrome icon
Browser midori icon
Browser web icon
Bulb icon
Button icon
Camera icon
Camera screenshot icon
Captiva icon
Chat bubble icon
Chat bubbles icon
Chat irc icon
Checkbox icon
Cheese icon
Clock icon
Cloud icon
Darktable icon
Deja dup icon
Dev printer icon
Dev scanner icon
Disc icon
Disk save as icon
Dropbox icon
Easytag icon
Edit icon
Edit gnote icon
Edit sublime text icon
Edit tomboy icon
Emacs icon
Evince icon
File manager icon
File roller icon
Filezilla icon
Firewall config icon
Flash player icon
Games icon
Geany icon
Giggle icon
Gimp icon
Gitg icon
Gloobus icon
Help info icon
Inkscape icon
Kingsoft presentation icon
Kingsoft spreadsheets icon
Kingsoft writer icon
Launcher bfb icon
Libreoffice base icon
Libreoffice calc icon
Libreoffice draw icon
Libreoffice impress icon
Libreoffice main icon
Libreoffice math icon
Libreoffice writer icon
Logview icon
Magnify icon
Mail icon
Mail thunderbird icon
Maps icon
Movie icon
Multimedia audio player icon
Multimedia photo manager icon
Multimedia video player icon
Music icon
Music orange icon
Nvidia settings icon
Office calendar icon
Plank icon
Polari icon
Popcorntime icon
Preferences icon
Preferences color icon
Preferences desktop accessibility icon
Preferences desktop display icon
Preferences desktop font icon
Preferences desktop keyboard icon
Preferences desktop peripherals icon
Preferences desktop sound icon
Preferences desktop wallpaper icon
Preferences management service icon
Preferences system icon
Preferences system network icon
Preferences system power icon