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FluentUI Emoji Mono Icons Pack

Designer: Microsoft   Categories: Emoji / Object   License: MIT (Open Source)
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St Place Medal icon
Nd Place Medal icon
Rd Place Medal icon
A Button Blood Type icon
Ab Button Blood Type icon
Abacus icon
Accordion icon
Adhesive Bandage icon
Admission Tickets icon
Aerial Tramway icon
Airplane icon
Airplane Arrival icon
Airplane Departure icon
Alarm Clock icon
Alembic icon
Alien icon
Alien Monster icon
Ambulance icon
American Football icon
Amphora icon
Anatomical Heart icon
Anchor icon
Anger Symbol icon
Angry Face icon
Angry Face With Horns icon
Anguished Face icon
Ant icon
Antenna Bars icon
Anxious Face With Sweat icon
Aquarius icon
Aries icon
Articulated Lorry icon
Artist Default icon
Artist Palette icon
Astonished Face icon
Astronaut Default icon
Atm Sign icon
Atom Symbol icon
Auto Rickshaw icon
Automobile icon
Avocado icon
Axe icon
B Button Blood Type icon
Baby Angel Default icon
Baby Bottle icon
Baby Chick icon
Baby Default icon
Baby Symbol icon
Back Arrow icon
Backhand Index Pointing Down Default icon
Backhand Index Pointing Left Default icon
Backhand Index Pointing Right Default icon
Backhand Index Pointing Up Default icon
Backpack icon
Bacon icon
Badger icon
Badminton icon
Bagel icon
Baggage Claim icon
Baguette Bread icon
Balance Scale icon
Ballet Shoes icon
Balloon icon
Ballot Box With Ballot icon
Banana icon
Banjo icon
Bank icon
Bar Chart icon
Barber Pole icon
Baseball icon
Basket icon
Basketball icon
Bat icon
Bathtub icon
Battery icon
Beach With Umbrella icon
Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes icon
Beans icon
Bear icon
Beating Heart icon
Beaver icon
Bed icon
Beer Mug icon
Beetle icon
Bell icon
Bell Pepper icon
Bell With Slash icon
Bellhop Bell icon
Bento Box icon
Beverage Box icon
Bicycle icon
Bikini icon
Billed Cap icon
Biohazard icon
Bird icon
Birthday Cake icon