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Foxtrot Icons Pack

Designer: S. Miller (Shelby Miller)   Categories: Cartoon   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Andy icon
Andy Folder icon
Andy Side icon
Baseball Jason icon
Baseball Peter icon
Baseball Peter 2 icon
Black Bart icon
Buzzangelo icon
Buzzatello icon
Capt Jason Picard icon
Construction Jason icon
Denise icon
Ferengi Jason icon
Fishing Roger icon
Flash Jason icon
Flash Marcus icon
Franken quincy icon
GI Joe Rapid Fire Assault Jason icon
Golf Roger icon
Green Lantern Marcus icon
Hulk Marcus icon
Iguanoman icon
Indian Jason icon
Indian Marcus icon
Irish Quincy icon
Jason icon
Jason Bunny icon
Jason Folder icon
Jason Simpson icon
Jordy Marcus icon
Juan Carlos icon
Klingon Jason icon
Klingon Quincy icon
Leach boy icon
Lone Iguana 2 icon
Marcus icon
Marcus The Human Flame icon
Master Jason San icon
Mindy icon
Monster Peter icon
Morton icon
Paige icon
Paige Folder icon
Paige Side icon
Paige Yelling icon
Paigeotron icon
Peter icon
Peter Folder icon
Peter Orbison icon
Peter Presley icon
Peter Springsteen icon
Pierre icon
Quincy icon
Quincy Folder icon
Quincy Lincoln icon
Quincy Washington icon
Reporter Paige icon
Roger icon
Roger Folder icon
Sheik Jason icon
Sherlock Quincy icon
Sir Galahunk icon
Slug man icon
Stargazing Jason icon
Stargazing Marcus icon
Super Quincy icon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Iguana icon
Terminator Jason icon
The Lone Iguana icon
Thing Jason icon
Upset Paige icon
Vampire Jason icon
Vampire Narcus icon
Were I guana icon
Work Roger icon
Zombie Jason icon