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Native American Icons Pack

Designer: Robert Smith   Categories: Culture   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Acoma deerheart pot 2 icon
Caddo man icon
Caddo man 2 icon
Caddo pot 1 icon
Caddo wn 1 icon
Caddo wn 2 icon
Cane bskt southeast icon
Central cal ndn 1 icon
Central cal ndn 2 icon
Chippewa bag n beaded flowers icon
Chumush cntrl cali 1 icon
Chumush cntrl cali 2 icon
Copan palenque stonehead icon
Crooked false face n turtle rattle icon
Crow elktooth dress icon
End of the trail icon
Eskimo mask 1 icon
False face turtle rattle 3 icon
Folder eagle yllw bkgrnd icon
Folder parfleche 2 icon
Folder turtle tan icon
Greatbasin pictograph folder 1 icon
Greatbasin pictograph folder 2 icon
Greatbasin pictograph tan icon
Haida msk 1 icon
Haida msk 2 icon
Haida salmon icon
Holding copper button blkt icon
Hopi canteen icon
Hopi girl icon
Hopi sun katsina icon
Hupa man 1 icon
Hupa man 2 icon
Iroquois man 1 icon
Iroquois man 2 icon
Jumpbasket nw calif icon
Karuk basket hat icon
Karuk lidded bskt icon
Karuk wn 1 icon
Karuk wn 2 icon
Koshare clown icon
Mission basket 1 icon
Mono woman icon
Monte alto greenstone msk icon
N paiute baskethat icon
N plains beaded hide icon
N plains chief 1 icon
N plains chief 2 icon
Navajo rug 2germantown icon
Navajo rug chiefs blnkt icon
Navajo rug ganado icon
Navajo weaver 1 icon
Navajo weaver 2 icon
Ne wampum belt figure icon
Olmec head icon
Osage woman icon
Paiute blue beaded basket icon
Paiute woman 1 icon
Paiute woman 2 icon
Plains moc 1 icon
Plateau wn 1 icon
Plateau wn 2 icon
Pnw hand icon
Pomo basketmaker 1 icon
Pomo basketmaker 2 icon
Pomo gathering basket 1 icon
Pueblo pot elk icon
Pueblo pot parrot icon
Pyramid lake icon
Santa domingo pot icon
Seal msk artic 1 icon
Seal msk artic 2 icon
Seminole mans oldoutfit icon
Seminole wn group 1 icon
Seminole woman 1 icon
Thunderbird button blnkt icon
Yaqui deerdancer 1 icon
Yaqui deerdancer 2 icon
Yaqui deerdcnr 3 icon
Yaqui deerdncr 4 icon
Yuchi mans shirt icon
Zuni pot 1 icon