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Peanuts Icons Pack

Designer: Ed Mundy   Categories: Cartoon   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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5 icon
Andy icon
Baseball Schroeder icon
Belle icon
Charlie Brown icon
Cheshire Beagle icon
Conrad icon
Dad icon
Franklin icon
Frieda icon
Fussbudget icon
Good Old Charlie Brown icon
Great Pumpkin icon
Infantryman Spike icon
Joe Cool icon
King of the Jungle icon
Linus icon
Lucy icon
Lydia icon
Marbles icon
Marcie icon
Mom icon
Olaf icon
Old Banana Nose icon
Peppermint Patty icon
Pigpen icon
Rerun icon
Roly Poly Olaf icon
Royanne icon
Sally icon
Sally Laughing icon
Santa Snoopy icon
Schroeder icon
Snoopy icon
Snoopy 1950 icon
Spike icon
That Round headed Kid icon
Truffles icon
Woodstock icon
World War I Flying Ace icon