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Pretty Office 7 Icons Pack

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Bookmark icon
Bookmark add icon
Bookmark delete icon
Calendar icon
Courses icon
Decrease icon
Extract object icon
Extract todays changes icon
Female icon
Game casino icon
Game chip icon
Game clubs icon
Game diamond icon
Game hearts icon
Game mahjong icon
Game playingcard icon
Game playingcards icon
Game spades icon
Gamepad icon
Generate keys icon
Generate tables icon
Highlightmarker icon
Highlightmarker blue icon
Highlightmarker green icon
Highlightmarker red icon
Increase icon
Iphone icon
License manager icon
Male icon
Map icon
Metal bronze blue icon
Metal bronze green icon
Metal bronze red icon
Metal gold blue icon
Metal gold green icon
Metal gold red icon
Metal silver blue icon
Metal silver green icon
Metal silver red icon
Mobile icon
Podium icon
Product documentation icon
Save icon
Save as icon
Sport bowling icon
Sport dumbbell icon
Sport football pitch icon
Sport golf ball icon
Sport hurdle icon
Sport javelin icon
Sport pool cue icon
Sport shuttercock icon
Sport table tennis icon
Sport track icon
Sport triangle icon
Sql runner icon
Trophy bronze icon
Trophy gold icon
Trophy silver icon
Xml tool icon