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Pretty Office 9 Icons Pack

Designer: Custom Icon Design   Categories: Application   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Angel icon
Baby boy icon
Baby girl icon
Battery 1 icon
Battery 2 icon
Battery 3 icon
Battery charge icon
Battery charged icon
Battery empty icon
Battery full icon
Battery half icon
Bow icon
Circle icon
Comment edit icon
Cookies icon
Delete file icon
Edit file icon
Edit not validated icon
Edit validated icon
Elipse icon
Email add icon
Email alert icon
Email delete icon
Email edit icon
Email info icon
Email not validated icon
Email receive icon
Email send icon
Email trash icon
Email validated icon
Exacto icon
Eyedroper icon
File complete icon
File info icon
File warning icon
Font icon
Font color icon
Help file icon
Hexagon icon
Iphone not validated icon
Iphone validated icon
Magnifying glass icon
New file icon
Octagon icon
Open file icon
Painbrush icon
Painbucket icon
Palette icon
Pen icon
Pentagon icon
Rectangle icon
Rhombus icon
Rounded rectangle icon
Search file icon
Sortascend icon
Sortdescend icon
Spellchecker icon
Square icon
Teddy bear icon
Triangle icon