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Radium Icons Pack

Designer: Sean Poon   Categories: Application / Folder   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Bat file icon
Bmp file icon
CD Drive icon
Computer icon
Computer 2 icon
Control Panel icon
Control Panel 2 icon
Control Panel 3 icon
Document icon
DVD icon
DVD Drive icon
DVDmaker icon
Exe file icon
Explorer icon
Favorites icon
Favourites Folder icon
Favourites Folder 2 icon
File icon
Folder icon
Folder 2 icon
Gif file icon
Globe Connected icon
Globe Disconnect icon
Hard Drive icon
iPod icon
Jpeg file icon
Key icon
Movie and music file icon
Movie file icon
MSN Messenger icon
Mspaint icon
Music file icon
My Documents icon
My Documents 2 icon
My Music icon
My Music 2 icon
My Network Places icon
My Pictures icon
My Pictures 2 icon
My Videos icon
My Videos 2 icon
NetFolder icon
NetFolder 2 icon
Network Connection Control Panel icon
Notepad icon
Padlock icon
Padlock User Control icon
Panel Setting icon
PDA icon
Png file icon
Program Defaults icon
Recycle Bin Empty icon
Recycle Bin Full icon
Search icon
Search Computer icon
Search Drive icon
Settings file icon
Stack icon
Stack 2 icon
Stack 3 icon
User icon
User Computer icon
Wincal icon
Windows Security icon
Winmail icon
Wordpad file icon