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Simpsons Vol. 07 Icons Pack

Designer: Jeanette Foshee   Categories: Cartoon   License: CC Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0
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Bart Unabridged Baby Bart with pacifier icon
Bart Unabridged Bart in Lisas future icon
Bart Unabridged Bart the Detective icon
Bart Unabridged Barts tears blow dried icon
Bart Unabridged Dont tread on me icon
Bart Unabridged Mooning Bart icon
Folder Drooling Homer icon
Folder Mooning Bart icon
Folder Pink Homer icon
Guest Stars Hugh Parkfield Mandy Patinkin icon
Guest Stars Larry Burns Rodney Dangerfield icon
Guest Stars Matt Groening icon
Guest Stars Mil School Cmdt Willem Dafoe icon
Guest Stars Rex Banner Dave Thomas icon
Homertopia Homer drunk with lampshade icon
Homertopia Homer screaming icon
Homertopia King Homer icon
Homertopia Urbane Homer drunken fantasy icon
Lisas tears blow dried icon
Neighborhood Kids Database icon
Neighborhood Kids Eliza icon
Neighborhood Kids Jimmy from the Beef film icon
Neighborhood Kids Lester icon
Neighborhood Kids Shelby icon
Public Figures Birch Barlow icon
Public Figures Freddy Quimby icon
Public Figures Inanimate carbon rod icon
School Leopold icon
School Superintendent Chalmers icon
Simpsons Family Laddie icon
Simpsons Family Mother Simpson icon
Simpsons Family newborn Maggie icon
Townspeople Ashley Grant icon
Townspeople Belle icon
Townspeople Chester J Lampwick icon
Townspeople Cletus 2 icon
Townspeople Cletus the Slack jawed Yokel icon
Townspeople Crazy Old Man icon
Townspeople Det Don Brodka icon
Townspeople Disco Stu icon
Townspeople Don Vittorio icon
Townspeople Hollis Hurlbut icon
Townspeople John icon
Townspeople Kirk Van Houten icon
Townspeople Luann Milhouse icon
Townspeople Nana Van Houten icon
Townspeople Pimple faced Kid icon
Townspeople Rory B Bellows icon
Townspeople Shary Bobbins icon