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Squared Animal Icons Pack

Designer: Martin Berube   Categories: Animal / Kids / Funny   License: Free with a link back to https://www.how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com
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Bat icon
Bear icon
Beaver icon
Bee icon
Bull icon
Cat icon
Chicken icon
Cow icon
Crab icon
Crocodile icon
Deer icon
Dog icon
Dolphin icon
Duck icon
Eagle icon
Elephant icon
Fish icon
Frog icon
Giraffe icon
Goat icon
Gorilla icon
Hippo icon
Horse icon
Kangaroo icon
Koala icon
Lion icon
Lizard icon
Lobster icon
Monkey icon
Mouse icon
Octopus icon
Owl icon
Penguin icon
Pig icon
Rabbit icon
Raccoon icon
Rat icon
Rhino icon
Seal icon
Shark icon
Sheep icon
Snail icon
Snake icon
Squirrel icon
Swan icon
Tiger icon
Tuna icon
Turtle icon
Whale icon
Wolf icon