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Quality high icon
Quality low icon
Quality medium icon
High Quality Stationary icon
Status mail task icon
Task notes icon
Tasks icon
Other Tasks Metro icon
Task manager icon
Task icon
Scheduled Tasks icon
Web Google Tasks Metro icon
Utilities tasks icon
Utilities tasks icon
Task Due icon
Task Past Due Clipboard icon
Bx task x icon
Bx task icon
App Task Manager icon
Actions view pim tasks icon
Apps Task Manager Metro icon
Apps Task Manager alt 1 Metro icon
Apps Task Manager alt 2 Metro icon
Folder scheduled tasks icon
Folder Scheduled Tasks icon
Utilities tasks icon
MetroUI Other Task icon
Business Serial Tasks icon
Stock Task Assigned To icon
Stock Task Assigned icon
Stock Task Recurring icon
Stock Task icon
Actions view calendar tasks icon
Document scheduled tasks icon
MetroUI Google Task icon
Logos System Task icon
Business Parallel Tasks icon
Programming System Task icon
Bootstrap list task icon
Stock Calendar And Tasks icon
Actions mail mark task icon
Tasks icon
Unemployed icon
Scheduled Tasks icon
Scheduled Tasks icon
System Task Manager icon
Folder green scheduled tasks icon
Folder red scheduled tasks icon