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1960 Matchbox Cars Icons Pack

Designer: Bart Kowalski   Categories: Transport / Kids / Vintage   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Wheel Crane icon
Wheel Tipper icon
Alvis Stalwart icon
Boat and Trailer icon
BRM Racing Car icon
Cadillac Ambulance icon
Case Bulldozer icon
Cattle Truck icon
Cattle Truck with Cattle icon
Combine Harvester icon
Combine Harvester with Movement icon
DAF Girder Truck icon
DAF Tipper Container Truck icon
Daimler Bus icon
Dodge Crane Truck icon
Dodge Crane Truck with movement icon
Dumper Truck icon
Ferrari Berlinetta icon
Fiat 1500 icon
Field Car icon
Fire Chief Car icon
Fire Pumper icon
Foden Concrete Truck icon
Foden Concrete Truck with Movement icon
Ford Corsair with Boat icon
Ford Cortina GT icon
Ford GT icon
Ford Heavey Wreck Truck with Movement icon
Ford Heavy Wreck Truck icon
Ford Mustang Fastback icon
Ford Pick up Truck icon
Ford Refuse Truck icon
Ford Tractor icon
Ford Zodiac MkIV icon
GMC Tipper Truck icon
Greyhound Bus icon
Grit Spreader icon
Hatra Tractor Shovel icon
Hatra Tractor Shovel with Movement icon
Honda Motorcycle with Trailer icon
Horse Box icon
Horse Box with Two Horses icon
Iso Grifo icon
Jumbo Crane icon
Jumbo Crane with Movement icon
Kennel Truck icon
Lamborghini Miura icon
Land Rover Fire Truck icon
Leyland Petrol Tanker icon
Lincoln Continental icon
Lincoln Continental with Open Boot icon
London Bus icon
Lotus Racing Car icon
Mack Dump Truck icon
Mercedes 230 SL icon
Mercedes 300 SE icon
Mercedes 300 SE with Open Boot icon
Mercedes Benz Ambulance icon
Mercedes Benz Ambulance with Open Boot icon
Mercedes Coach icon
Mercedes Truck icon
Mercury Commuter icon
Mercury Cougar icon
MG 1100 icon
Opel Diplomat icon
Pipe Truck icon
Police Car icon
Pontiac Grand Prix icon
Refrigeration Truck icon
Refrigeration Truck with Open Door icon
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow icon
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with Open Boot icon
Safari Land Rover icon
Snow Trac Tractor icon
Stake Truck icon
Standard Jeep icon
Studebaker Station Wagon icon
Taxi icon
Trailer Caravan icon
Truck with Site Office icon
Unimog icon
Volkswagen 1500 icon
Volkswagen 1600 TL icon
Volkswagen Camper icon
Wreck Truck icon