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Designer: kearone (Roman Hubatsch)   Categories: Funny / Kids   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Browser icon
Calculator icon
Cd icon
Cdrom dvd icon
Chat icon
Chat hot icon
Computer icon
Control panel icon
Doc blank icon
Doc bluepen icon
Doc burning icon
Doc dvd icon
Doc favourites icon
Doc globe icon
Doc help icon
Doc limepen icon
Doc linux icon
Doc math icon
Doc movie icon
Doc multimedia icon
Doc picture icon
Doc pinkpen icon
Doc redpen icon
Doc settings icon
Doc sound icon
Doc stickies icon
Doc text icon
Doc trash icon
Doc windows icon
Dvd player icon
Email icon
Email spam fire icon
Favourites icon
Flame icon
Folder icon
Folder apple icon
Folder brown open icon
Folder documents icon
Folder favourites icon
Folder globe icon
Folder harddrives icon
Folder help icon
Folder home icon
Folder hot icon
Folder ipod icon
Folder lightblue icon
Folder lightblue open icon
Folder lime icon
Folder lime open icon
Folder linux icon
Folder math icon
Folder movies icon
Folder multimedia icon
Folder multimedia 2 icon
Folder open icon
Folder settings icon
Folder sound icon
Folder stickies icon
Folder terminals icon
Folder trash icon
Folder windows icon
Globe icon
Harddrive icon
Harddrive apple icon
Harddrive burning icon
Harddrive cdrom icon
Harddrive cdrom burner icon
Harddrive dvd icon
Harddrive dvd burner icon
Harddrive linux icon
Harddrive network icon
Harddrive windows icon
Help icon
Home icon
Ipod icon
Linux icon
Movie icon
Multimedia icon
Multimediaplayer icon
Notebook icon
Notebook to internet connection icon
Notebook with icons icon
Pen blue icon
Pen lime icon
Pen pink icon
Pen red icon
Player icon
Sound icon
Stickies icon
Stickies write icon
Terminal icon
Terminal hot icon
Trash icon
Trash full icon
Window icon
Windows burning icon