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Designer: Iconmuseo (Tatsuya Arai)   Categories: People   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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St Emperor icon
St Emperor 1 icon
Columbus icon
Columbus 1 icon
Copernicus icon
Copernicus 1 icon
Curie icon
Curie 1 icon
Da Vinci icon
Da Vinci 1 icon
Descartes icon
Descartes 1 icon
Edison icon
Edison 1 icon
Gandhi icon
Gandhi 1 icon
Heinrich Schliemann icon
Heinrich Schliemann 1 icon
Kennedy icon
Kennedy 1 icon
KhubilaiKhan icon
KhubilaiKhan 1 icon
Lenin icon
Lenin 1 icon
Lincoln icon
Lincoln 1 icon
Michelangelo icon
Michelangelo 1 icon
Van Gogh icon
Van Gogh 1 icon