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Looney Icons Pack

Designer: Iconfactory   Categories: Cartoon   License: Free for personal desktop use only.
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Announcer icon
Arab Sam icon
Atsa mada icon
B. Bunny icon
Baby Mouse icon
Birds Any icon
Butch icon
Crusher icon
Daffy Duck icon
Daffy Hood icon
Dragon icon
Drowned Cat icon
Duck Dodgers icon
Duck Season icon
Elmer Fudd icon
Eye Doc icon
Foghorn L icon
French Guard icon
Friar Porkey icon
General icon
Gossimer icon
Huh Elmer icon
Junior icon
Little John icon
Madador B icon
Makeup icon
Marsian icon
Marvin icon
Nin cow poop icon
Nobleman icon
Opera Elmer icon
Penguin icon
Pepe le Pu icon
Private Bugs icon
Ravishing Rono icon
Roadrunner icon
Rocky icon
Sam icon
Sheriff icon
Shoe Elf icon
Space Foreman icon
Speedy G icon
Stork icon
Sylvester icon
Taz icon
The Nose icon
Tweety icon
Widow Hen icon
Wile E. C icon
Y. Sam icon