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Native American Icons Pack

Designer: Poison (Sonny Del Castillo)   Categories: Culture   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Feathers icon
American Bison icon
Bald Eagle icon
Black Tip icon
Caddo Girl icon
Chief Joseph icon
Church icon
Dance fan icon
Design icon
Design 10 icon
Design 11 icon
Design 2 icon
Design 3 icon
Design 4 icon
Design 5 icon
Design 6 icon
Design 7 icon
Design 9 icon
Dream Catcher icon
Dream Catcher 2 icon
Drum icon
Drum 2 icon
Dush Doh icon
Eaglefan icon
Email icon
Fancy Bustles icon
Feather 3 icon
Folder icon
Folder 2 icon
Folder 3 icon
Folder 4 icon
Folder 5 icon
Fry Bread icon
Geronimo icon
Golden Eagle icon
Golden Eagle Feather icon
Gourd Rattle icon
Headdress icon
Kokopelli icon
Moccasin icon
Pottery a icon
Pottery a1 icon
Pottery a2 icon
Pottery a3 icon
Pottery b icon
Pottery c icon
Pottery d icon
Pottery e icon
Potteryf icon
Potteryf 1 icon
Red Tailed Hawk Feather icon
Rosette icon
Rosette 2 icon
Seal of Osage Nation icon
Shield icon
Shiprock icon
Silohette icon
Southern Straight icon
Tipi icon
Tipi Mail icon
Turtle Feather icon
War Club icon
Water Bird icon
Water Drum icon
Waterpot icon
Wingfan icon