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Designer: Milosz Wlazlo   Categories: Application / System / Hand-Drawn   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Accept icon
Add icon
Add file icon
Add user icon
App icon
Back icon
Backward icon
Bug icon
Burn icon
Cd icon
Chat icon
Clock icon
Close icon
Configure icon
Console icon
Cut icon
Cut b icon
Database icon
Delete icon
Delete file icon
Delete user icon
Documents or copy icon
Down icon
Edit icon
Fav icon
Fav add icon
Fav b icon
Fav b add icon
File icon
File locked icon
File search icon
Find icon
Floppy icon
Folder icon
Folder locked icon
Folder move icon
Folder open icon
Folder search icon
Forward icon
Go to app icon
Go website icon
Group of users icon
Hd icon
Hd locked icon
Hd search icon
Help icon
Home icon
Info about icon
Key icon
Lock icon
Mail icon
Mail pgp icon
Mail send icon
Money icon
Money b icon
Money c icon
Move file icon
Music icon
Network icon
Network options icon
Network search icon
Next icon
Paint icon
Past file icon
Pause icon
Pictures icon
Play icon
Print preview icon
Printer icon
Redo icon
Refresh icon
Save as icon
Stats icon
Stop icon
Text file icon
Trash icon
Trash b icon
Undo icon
Up icon
User icon
User b icon
User id icon
User lock icon
Web icon
Web hd icon
Web locked icon
Web options icon
Web search icon
Window icon
Window b icon
Wizard icon
Zoom in icon
Zoom out icon