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Designer: Mihaiciuc Bogdan   Categories: Mini / Application   License: CC Attribution 4.0
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Address Book icon
Aero Window Explorer icon
Aero Window List icon
Alert icon
Applications icon
Battery icon
Battery Display icon
Battery Display Charging icon
Battery Display Full icon
Battery Display Low icon
Bell icon
Book icon
Book Bookmark icon
Bookshelf icon
Bookshelf Empty icon
Box icon
Box This Side Up icon
Burn icon
Calendar Blue icon
Calendar Day View icon
Calendar Month View icon
Camera icon
CD icon
CD Burn icon
Chalkboard icon
Chalkboard Empty icon
Chest of Drawers icon
Chest of Drawers Open icon
Chest of Drawers Open Files icon
Chip icon
Christmas Tree icon
Christmas Tree Lit icon
Christmas Tree Undecorated icon
Clapperboard icon
Clapperboard Blank icon
Clapperboard Closed icon
Clapperboard Picture icon
Clipboard icon
Clipboard Empty icon
Clipboard Fold icon
Clipboard Text icon
Clipboard Torn icon
Color Wheel icon
Contact Card icon
Curtains icon
Dashboard icon
Decoration icon
Decoration Branch icon
Delete icon
Design icon
Design Blueprint icon
Desktop icon
Dictionary icon
Digsby icon
Disk Hard Disk icon
Disk iDisk icon
Disk Removable icon
Disk Time Machine icon
Door icon
Door Chat Room icon
Download icon
Download High Speed icon
Download Turbo Speed icon
E Mail icon
Emoticon icon
Emoticon Sleep icon
Envelope icon
Envelope Airmail icon
Error icon
Face Book icon
File icon
Filetype icon
Filetype Blueprint icon
Filetype Blueprint Under Construction icon
Filetype RSS icon
Filetype RSS Orange icon
Filetype Script icon
Filetype Under Construction icon
Filetype Video icon
Film Roll icon
Filmstrip icon
Folder Blue icon
Folder Classic Blue icon
Folder Classic Recycled icon
Folder Classic Yellow icon
Folder Recycled icon
Folder Yellow icon
Gear icon
Get Info icon
Gift Box icon
Gift Box Blue icon
Glass Cola icon
Glass Cola Ice icon
Glass Empty icon
Glass Water icon
Glass Water Ice icon