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Designer: Everaldo   Categories: Application / Kids / System   License: Free for non-commercial use.
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Floppy mount icon
Floppy unmount icon
About kde icon
Agent icon
Agt family icon
Agt family off icon
Agt login icon
Agt print icon
Agt resume icon
Agt runit icon
Agt uninstall product icon
Agt update critical icon
Agt update drivers icon
Agt virussafe icon
Agt virussafe off icon
Aim icon
Appearance icon
Ark icon
Audio icon
Babelfish icon
Back icon
Background icon
Bell icon
Bookmark icon
Bookmark add icon
Browser icon
Button cancel icon
Button ok icon
Cache icon
Camera icon
Cd icon
Cd image icon
Cd player 1 icon
Cd player 2 icon
Cdrom mount icon
Cdrom unmount icon
Click n run icon
Click n run grey icon
Clock icon
Colorize icon
Colors icon
Comp file icon
Configure icon
Connect to network icon
Cookie icon
Date icon
Decrypted icon
Desktop icon
Display icon
Document icon
Down icon
Edit icon
Edit copy icon
Edit cut icon
Edit delete icon
Edit paste icon
Edit trash icon
Email icon
Empty icon
Encrypted icon
Energy icon
Exec icon
Exit icon
Favorites icon
Favorites 2 icon
File locked icon
File manager icon
File new icon
File open icon
File print icon
File quick print icon
File save icon
File save as icon
File share icon
File temporary icon
Fileclose icon
Filefind icon
Filetypes icon
Find icon
Folder icon
Folder blue icon
Folder doc icon
Folder favorites icon
Folder favorites2 icon
Folder home icon
Folder html icon
Folder image icon
Folder locked icon
Folder music icon
Fonts icon
Forward icon
Frame print icon
Galeon icon
Gimp icon
Go home icon
Hard drive icon