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Noto Emoji Travel & Places Icons Pack

Designer: Google   Categories: Emoji / Places / Transport   License: Apache 2.0 (Open Source)
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Globe showing Europe Africa icon
Globe showing Americas icon
Globe showing Asia Australia icon
Globe with meridians icon
World map icon
Map of Japan icon
Snow capped mountain icon
Mountain icon
Volcano icon
Mount fuji icon
Camping icon
Beach with umbrella icon
Desert icon
Desert island icon
National park icon
Stadium icon
Classical building icon
Building construction icon
Houses icon
Derelict house icon
House icon
House with garden icon
Office building icon
Japanese post office icon
Post office icon
Hospital icon
Bank icon
Hotel icon
Love hotel icon
Convenience store icon
School icon
Department store icon
Factory icon
Japanese castle icon
Castle icon
Wedding icon
Tokyo tower icon
Statue of Liberty icon
Church icon
Mosque icon
Synagogue icon
Shinto shrine icon
Kaaba icon
Fountain icon
Tent icon
Foggy icon
Night with stars icon
Cityscape icon
Sunrise over mountains icon
Sunrise icon
Cityscape at dusk icon
Sunset icon
Bridge at night icon
Hot springs icon
Milky way icon
Carousel horse icon
Ferris wheel icon
Roller coaster icon
Barber pole icon
Circus tent icon
Locomotive icon
Railway car icon
High speed train icon
Bullet train icon
Train icon
Metro icon
Light rail icon
Station icon
Tram icon
Monorail icon
Mountain railway icon
Tram car icon
Bus icon
Oncoming bus icon
Trolleybus icon
Minibus icon
Ambulance icon
Fire engine icon
Police car icon
Oncoming police car icon
Taxi icon
Oncoming taxi icon
Automobile icon
Oncoming automobile icon
Sport utility vehicle icon
Delivery truck icon
Articulated lorry icon
Tractor icon
Bicycle icon
Kick scooter icon
Motor scooter icon
Bus stop icon
Motorway icon
Railway track icon
Oil drum icon
Fuel pump icon