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Designer: Saki (Alexandre Moore)   Categories: Application   License: GPL (Open Source)
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Actions document print icon
Actions document print preview icon
Actions edit clear icon
Actions find and replace icon
Actions format indent more icon
Actions format text bold icon
Actions format text italic icon
Actions format text strikethrough icon
Actions format text underline icon
Actions new window icon
Actions properties icon
Actions zoom 100 icon
Actions zoom fit icon
Actions zoom in icon
Actions zoom out icon
Apps accessibility icon
Apps advanced directory icon
Apps background icon
Apps bmp icon
Apps burner icon
Apps default applications icon
Apps disks icon
Apps drawer icon
Apps file manager icon
Apps gdm icon
Apps gedit icon
Apps gimp icon
Apps gksu debian icon
Apps gnome control center icon
Apps gnome ftp icon
Apps gnome media player icon
Apps gnome session icon
Apps gnome window manager icon
Apps gtk ipod icon
Apps inkscape icon
Apps konsole icon
Apps network config icon
Apps panel window menu icon
Apps preferences icon
Apps printer icon
Apps system software update icon
Apps update icon
Apps utilities system monitor icon
Apps vlc icon
Apps web browser icon
Apps xmms icon
Arrow double down icon
Arrow double left icon
Arrow double right icon
Arrow double up icon
Arrow down icon
Arrow jump icon
Arrow left icon
Arrow redo icon
Arrow refresh icon
Arrow right icon
Arrow symbolic link icon
Arrow undo icon
Arrow up icon
Authentication Lock icon
Bookmark add icon
Box icon
Button exit icon
Button help icon
Button important icon
Button no icon
Categories applications accessories icon
Categories applications development icon
Categories applications games icon
Categories applications graphics icon
Categories gnome applications icon
Categories gnome favorites icon
Categories gnome multimedia icon
Categories gnome system icon
Categories redhat internet icon
Clock icon
Devices camera icon
Devices cdrom icon
Devices drive harddisk icon
Devices media floppy icon
Devices network icon
Devices network wireless icon
Dialog error icon
Dialog question icon
Dialog warning icon
Document copy icon
Document save icon
Document save as icon
Document search icon
Edit Cut icon
Edit Paste icon
Extras folder burn icon
Extras folder important icon
Extras internet download icon
Extras mac mini icon
Extras nano black icon